Spinning > Not Spinning

The changing component of the magnetic fields that produce eddy currents can come from two sources: a relative velocity between the field and the target or change in the strength of the field itself. For a number of reasons the bulk of EC actuation research has focused on the latter mechanism. Time-varying electromagnets are easier to both analyze and implement.

However, two motors spinning magnets to create eddy-currents through moving magnetic fields may be able to achieve something that is much harder with electromagnets: attraction AND repulsion without a complicated scheme.

The motor-magnet actuator says to the plate: “come here”

“Now go away”

Combine that with “sashay left and right”

And you just may be able to dance with a spaceship.


Sausage Factory Tour

I’m really interested in opening the doors to the sausage factory that is research (at least a little.)

Something I don’t think I emphasized enough in the post or on this blog is how useful and important feedback is to research, writing, thinking … and everything else. So if anything I say sparks a thought or two, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.