You do what??

Everybody has passed dozens of construction sites. Usually you get a quick snapshot – heavy machinery, a half finished structure and dozens of workers. How often do you pay attention to the logos on the side of the trucks? I’ve been walking past the same construction site every day for months and the sides of the trucks tell a story about the amazing amount of specialization in construction industry companies. For example, Ithaca has its very own gravel and dirt trucking company. It’s not a company that trucks stuff and today happened to be trucking gravel. All they do is truck gravel and dirt.

And this degree of specialization is freaking everywhere, if you pay attention. These jobs and companies make so much sense when you see them, but ‘ATM repair man’ is never on a list of ‘things you could be when you grow up.’  It’s so easy to gloss over, but I think it’s worth recording the specialization that makes you step back and think ‘whoah. There’s a company that does what? Man, modern society is cool.’


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