Feed your brain through your ears

Following up on yesterdays salute to SMBC, something that I only discovered today:

It also turns out that Mr. Weiner co-hosts a podcast with his wife. It’s cool and worth mentioning here because

  • They bring you awesome science things but with a critical eye towards those inconvenient details and incentives that most reporting misses – basically the same schtick I’m attempting with this blog (albeit with more focus on space.) So if you find my writing relevant, you should check out the podcast.
  • Mike Munger discusses his awesome ideas on the problems with the grant system that heavily informed my own thoughts on the matter.  The grant discussion starts around 23:00, but the whole episode is excellent.
  • Finally, Zach noted that they try to emulate the quality and style of EconTalk, a podcast which has literally transformed how I see the world, and thus highly recommend.
  • Oh, and it’s fun to listen to as well.

Update (6/5/2013): Listening through the archives, I discovered that the second episode of the podcast is all about space exploration, NASA, and the economic/human incentives involved in all of them. Whelp, might as well pack up shop here.


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