SMBC Musings

As a kid, I loved Calvin and Hobbes for the simple jokes, art, and the resonance of the characters. I grew up and continued to re-read my old Calvin and Hobbes books, I realized Bill Watterson accomplished with grace and skill something that few people manage in any medium: subtlety and deep insight layered below the surface humor.

 Zach Weiner, the artist behind SMBC Comics continues in Watterson’s footsteps – layering wit and sometimes-rib-cracking humor on top of deep insights. 

 What does this have to do with anything in this blog? Well, in addition to sharing what I think is one of the best comics on the web (and boy are there a lot of them) I wanted to point out SMBC because it combines science, economics and insight in a way that is extremely accessible – which is exactly what I am trying to do here.

 Take yesterday’s comic for example. There is humor, but what really struck me is the quote:

 “Nothing is too hard.  Many things are too fast.”

 I would add “And it’s almost impossible to know how fast things actually are until you try.” 

 It’s a concept that I would like to hammer through the heads of everybody who poo poo’s radical ideas in space exploration, and really anywhere in science. Nobody should be mocked for trying and failing, but to distain an idea before ever giving it a chance is a reaction itself worthy of distain.

 For all those who would rather take the sure route, I just have to ask, would you rather be able to live here for certain, or have even a shot at living here?

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