Hello World!

Rather than begin this blog with a manifesto, I’m going to (hopefully!) set a precedent for informative, to-the-point posts that are no longer than is necessary.

As with any blog, the primary objective here is to share my thoughts with you.  However, there isn’t exactly a plethora of aerospace/mechanical engineering graduate students with a degree in medieval history and a strong interest in economics and private enterprise.  My plan is to use this bizarre combination of perspectives to approach subjects from a direction well off of the beaten path.  Kind of like the platypuses of the idea world.

I will focus on the topic of space-exploration and engineering, but make no promises not to stray into ideas about science more broadly, the academic world of a graduate student or (horror!) random subjects that might be of interest.  There may be rants, but I will try to make them entertaining and useful – you have been warned!

And of course, dear reader, there is your entertainment to consider! If you wanted dry analysis or technical ramblings, you would be reading an academic journal right now.  Cue half of the audience closing the window and opening up a nice, dense PDF.

I intend to share ideas that will inform, entertain, and hopefully spawn some hybridized thinking of your own.  And please comment or otherwise get in touch with me – closing the loop isn’t just useful in engineering systems!


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